CONA Services LLC had its operational go-live on April 2nd 2016, so we are a young company! At the same time we have extensive history and background and most importantly a proven solution – Coke One North America (CONA).

The Coke One solution had its birth hour in 2006. It all started out as a global program focusing on bottler process and data standards. The program was funded by both The Coca-Cola Company  and the participating Franchise Bottlers.  Before Coke One came to life over 200 independent Coca-Cola bottler organizations invested separately in building information technology capabilities to advance their business. The collaborative approach of Coke One impacted activities that accounted for 80% of the spending. It was a convincing and substantial business case.

It was quickly recognized that the value potential resided in the exploitation of the different bottler best practices – in the power of collaboration. To this date collaboration is one of the key success factors also for CONA Services.

Terrence Gee | CIO Coca-Cola Beverages Florida

CONA is not just a system but a platform for integration and collaboration for all of the major bottlers on the Coca-Cola system. While we are all operating on the same technology platform, we have the opportunity to discuss the processes and people issues of running the business. As a new bottler, it allows us the opportunity to gain insights from bottlers who have been in this business for a long time. At the same time the more established bottlers also get benefits from the fresh perspectives of new bottlers.

After Coke One was rolled out in different countries all over the world, the task was to tailor the global template to the North American market. The team that built the Coke One North America Solution set out to provide the best support possible to one of the most important strategic initiatives in the history of Coca-Cola – the Implementation of a 21st Century Beverage Partnership Model.

3 years later as part of this initiative of Coca-Cola bottling refranchising in North America and to strengthen the overall business model, the six largest Coca-Cola bottlers in North America announced the formation of an information technology services company, CONA Services LLC.

Today, CONA is building on top of that original model. As the continued refranchising occurs, CONA is expanding to add new bottlers to the solution.



Six Coca-Cola Bottlers formed CONA Services LLC. The bottler membership is expanding as the Coca-Cola North America refranchising continues to evolve.

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CONA Services is all about the team. Leadership is one part of that.

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