David McClure

David McClure

Chief Data Officer - BI and MDM

David leads the Data and BI Teams at CONA Services. He continues the work of evolving CONA’s Data strategy and leveraging Snowflake asset.

David has over 10 years’ experience in Identity Management, ERP and Application Security, and ITG controls in both the Coca-Cola system and in consulting services. He is skilled in Business Process, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, Data Privacy, Security Vulnerability Management, Intrusion Prevention, Identity and Access Management, Business Intelligence, Gen AI, Advanced Analytics, Master Data Management, IT Organizational Change Management, Contract Negotiation, Product Lifecycle Development, and IT Strategy.

Outside of work, David enjoys playing the guitar, learning new technologies, and relaxing around Atlanta with his wife and dogs.

If you would like to understand more about CONA Services, please connect with David on LinkedIn.