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Building a Better Future

As the premier strategic partner for forward-thinking solutions and unparalleled customer support for bottlers, CONA Services is Bottling Innovation.

 In seven years, we have proven that success happens when you innovate together. Bringing a value-based approach to business knowledge and technological advancements, the CONA team is consistently delivering an uncommon experience to Bottlers and partners. We are driving the overall growth to our partners by understanding the key issues and identifying opportunities for improvement by driving revenue growth for operational efficiencies.

"The innovation work stream has provided a lot of value on many different fronts. The collaboration amongst the Bottlers and our CONA partners is invaluable. The projects have also helped us identify strategic opportunities that we should work against regarding data enablement and analytics tools. And, finally, the work that they have delivered so far has been focused on action that can be taken in the field to drive revenue growth."

Beeland Nielsen

- Beeland Nielsen | CIO Coca-Cola Bottling Company United

Innovation Projects


CONA Services collaborated with EoStar by Rutherford and SAP to address the need for better collaboration, increased transparency, and trust between Coca-Cola bottlers. What we developed was a Blockchain solution built on Hyperledger Fabric that allows the bottlers to have seamless IT system integration for Bottler-to-Bottler sales processes. The solution brings immediate benefits to the seller (United) and buyer (C.C. Clark) by automating order creating, order receiving and reconciliation processes. We believe that Blockchain will allow us to build a better ecosystem of distributed applications for all Bottlers and enable them to communicate and transact more efficiently.


A predictive ordering solution that uses proprietary AI and ML algorithms to transform the manual sales-order generation process of Coca-Cola’s North American Bottlers, releasing millions of dollars in OpEx savings. It is an at-scale solution that currently helps Coca-Cola Bottlers serve its 170,000 convenience store customers more efficiently.


A recommendation and optimization system for vending machines that suggest new products and their corresponding quantity to be stocked in these vending machines. These recommendations are provided as input to the VendPrime tool which can generate the optimized layout of a vending machine on a button click which is then used by truck drivers while refilling the machine.