Working on a laptop in the CONA Services office

A Helping Hand

Providing a competitive advantage for our customers by reducing costs, increasing speed to value, generating growth, and ensuring overall success.

Everything we do is to support those that sell Coke every day in the best way possible! We aim to deliver process and technology capabilities that enable a superior customer experience and digital business innovations.

Our services are designed to help accelerate the implementation of CONA, enable the optimization of processes and data to drive business value and competitive advantage for our Coca-Cola Bottlers. We believe in great Customer Service, so we collaboratively build metrics and performance targets on all services with our Bottling partners. We rigorously measure, assess and improve to ensure we consistently deliver above expectations.

Our services are grouped in the following categories:

Build and Maintain CONA Platform and Application Solutions

Continuously evolve the CONA Solution in partnership with Bottlers to meet the needs of Bottling in the 21st century.

Deploy CONA Solutions

The roll-out of strategic solutions to ensure the latest technology advancements as well as the technological enablement of changes to our Bottler's infrastructure.

Operations Support Services

Management and operational support of CONA Solution to deliver the highest solution stability and availability possible.

Data and Information Services

Management and governance of CONA Solutions data and data standards as well as content and business intelligence platforms.

CONA Governance and Professional Services

CONA Solution program and operational management, communications and adoption, as well as CONA strategy and investment in innovation.

Security and Compliance

Establishing an overarching architecture to enable secure capabilities to our CONA users and provide assessments and remediations to stay ahead of threats.

Advanced Analytics Enablement

Enabling end-to-end visibility through reports, dashboards and data visualizations to improve the productivity of our Bottlers.

Value Optimization

Ensuring the optimal use of deployed CONA solution and processes across all Bottlers and business areas.

Digital Innovations

Identifying future capabilities, features and enhancements that can provide additional value to users of the CONA Solution.