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The Ways of CONA

We are a fast-paced result driven environment, never lacking in finding enjoyment in what we do. We take pride in our vision, credo and mission that outlines what we are achieving and striving for daily for ourselves, our Bottlers and the entire Coca-Cola System.

Implementing Our Values

Employee Engagement Council (EEC) 

The CONA Services’ Employee Engagement Council was created to promote a culture of highly engaged employees and be a voice for employees as it pertains to engagement.   

  • Be a voice to all employees, solicit ideas and feedback from employees on how to increase engagement.   
  • Ensure a diverse and inclusive perspective when providing advice and recommendations on how to increase awareness and competencies related to employee engagement.   
  • Create meaningful actions to promote programs and resources for professional development, feedback and training.  

“We want to provide a space where employees feel enthusiastic and can bring their best self to work, in order to make meaningful contributions to the success our co-workers, our customers and CONA Services.”

– EEC Council 2020 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEI) 

In 2020 CONA Services established the DEI Council with the purpose of raising awareness, educating, and promoting dialogue across the organization.

CONA’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

CONA Services is committed to ensuring our workplace reflects our marketplace and our community. Our diversity is central at CONA and we bring together people from all over the world who offer refreshing perspectives that inform our work. We are purposeful about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and lean into understanding and celebration of those around us. Your voice is valued and your experiences matter.

Women Lead in CONA (WLIC)

WLIC is CONA Services’ first business resource group Business Resource Group (BRG) focused on the advancement of women in our workplace.​ 

Our top priorities:  

  1. Increase Gender Diversity within CONA Leadership​
  2. Policies (Parental Leave, Work life balance, etc.)​
  3. Networking Events (Internal/External)​

CONA Gives Back

CONA Services is committed to supporting our community through acts of service.  Our employees participate in a variety of projects in and around Atlanta dedicating their time, raising money, providing resources or increasing awareness.  Some of the activities we support are: 

  • Atlanta Community Food Bank:  Tech Cares Tech Shares
  • Atlanta Habitat for Humanity 
  • Ronald McDonald Charities 

CONA Formula


  • Treat each other, our customers, and our partners with respect and fairness
  • Fact based, transparent communication


  • Own your deliverables and be responsible for your actions
  • Getting the job done efficiently, effectively and accurately


  • Be positive, inspiring, and passionate about what you do
  • Embrace Change


  • Working together as partners to achieve shared goals
  • Act in a service oriented manner: Listen to understand and contribute


  • Value diversity, different opinions, perspectives, ideas