CONA Services is building on a history of success. We have defined our strategic roadmap to align our vision, plans and strategies with what success looks like for our Bottling partners.

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    Strategic Business Partner

    Enabling each Bottler to drive growth and efficiencies in the market.

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    “Big Bets” of North America Market

    Driving overall growth of our Bottling partners and The Coca-Cola System.

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    Future CONA Solutions Architecture

    Delivering nimble and flexible platform solutions that build for a better future.

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    Value Optimization

    Using system analytics, real time process observation, evaluation of pain points and benchmarking our team works to identify opportunities to reduce cost, increase revenue, drive efficiency and increase client satisfaction. Our objective is to maximize the value delivered using existing tools and capabilities.

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    Collaboration and an uncommon combination of business knowledge, tech know-how and people skills drive innovation and the ability to continue anticipate the future needs of the industry.

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    Bi-Modal Delivery Mode

    By improving our system functionality, delivering stable platform solutions and flexible applications, we continue to provide stability, speed & agility.

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    Stable Operations

    Providing stable operations continues to be our utmost priority building the basis for our Bottlers’ successful business strategy execution. We are doing this with the best proven technologies, processes and people.

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    Secure Solutions

    Ensuring CONA platforms, data, and solutions are securely designed and operated.