Sean Campbell

Chief Information Security Officer

Beginning in April 2023, Sean took leadership of the full security team as broader Leadership Team changes were made. From there, Sean has led the security agenda, ran the IT Risk Committee, represented CONA in the SITB Security sub-team, and took ownership of the Security Operations Center process. He has also worked closely with the Coca-Cola Bottling community on shared security opportunities and projects.

In 2014, Sean began his journey with CONA. Since then, Sean has played a key role in establishing the cybersecurity team, organizing, and maintaining cybersecurity standards across CONA and our Bottlers, enabling the use of Azure AD which has led to the wide adoption of SSO and MFA in CONA and at Bottlers, leading the SOC audits, and implementing a shared cost structure for several security solutions, driving Bottler adoption and tremendous cost savings.

Before joining CONA, Sean worked in various roles within The Coca-Cola Company, Fiserv, and KPMG.

Sean completed his studies at the University of Georgia, earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. When not working, Sean enjoys spending time with his wife Claire and their children, Ian, and Gwyneth.

If you would like to understand more about CONA Services, please connect with Sean on LinkedIn