CONA Services is a fast-paced result driven environment, never lacking in finding fun in what we do and enjoying the people we work with. We take pride in our vision, credo and mission that outlines what we are achieving and striving for daily for ourselves, our Bottlers and the entire Coca-Cola System.

Our Vision

To support growth of our Coca-Cola bottlers with value driven information technology, anticipating the needs of tomorrow. We want to be our bottlers’ top rated solution and IT service provider by 2020.

Our Credo

Make IT Better!

Our Mission

To provide advantaged business process and IT services to its members at the right costs to ultimately support those who are selling Coke everyday – “By the bottlers for the bottlers”

Our Core Values Are Our DNA


  • Treat each other, our customers, and our partners with respect and fairness
  • Fact based, transparent communication


  • Own your deliverables and be responsible for your actions
  • Getting the job done efficiently, effectively and accurately


  • Be positive, inspiring, and passionate about what you do
  • Embrace Change


  • Working together as partners to achieve shared goals
  • Act in a service oriented manner: Listen to understand and contribute


  • Value diversity, different opinions, perspectives, ideas