Our solution is more than an IT platform solution for our bottlers, it is a full scope modern and agile services platform that we proudly named Coke One North America (CONA).

“CONA provides a huge opportunity for us in the go-to-market push, especially in the areas of order origination all the way into salesforce automation and analytics.”

Russ Johnson | CIO Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution

CONA provides our bottlers with a common set of processes, data standards, manufacturing and customer solutions tailored for the North America Coca-Cola bottling business. It enables our participating bottlers to focus on local customers, while using a powerful national system to better service their communities, customers and consumers.


  • Integrated Customer Care

    • Central order capture
  • Integrated Account management

    • One view of the customer
    • Integrated customer management
    • Knowledge repository
  • Sales Force Automation

    • Order management
    • In-stores sales processes
  • E-Commerce

    • Web ordering
  • Pricing /Trade Promotion Management

    • Pricing hierarchy (enabled)
    • Promotion & Rebates Management
    • Revenue Growth Management
    • On- and off-line pricing
  • Customer Asset Management

    • Equipment placement
    • Service & Tracking


  • Integrated Operations Planning

    • Demand, Operations and Inventory Planning
    • Centralized Purchasing and Inventory Movement
  • Manufacturing

    • Production scheduling
    • Production execution & reporting
    • Line maintenance
  • Warehouse and Transport Management

    • Inventory visibility
    • Warehouse Productivity
    • Spare Parts Inventory Management
    • Fleet Management
  • Optimized Delivery

    • Route & Vehicle space optimization
    • Route Settlement
    • Invoicing
  • Full Service Vending

    • On-line / Predictive ordering

Finance & HR

  • Optimizing Working Capital

    • Financial Accounting
    • AR / Collections
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Accounts Payable
    • Credit Management
    • Travel & Expense Management
  • Human Resource Management

    • Compensation & benefits
    • Performance Management
    • Talent Management
    • Organization Management
    • Learning

Analytics & Integration

  • Advanced Analytics

    • CONA, Legacy, and external data
    • Self-Service Reporting & Dashboard Tools
    • Advanced Analytics
    • API’s & Integration

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