CONA Release 4 is live!

About 3 years ago the CONA team set out to deliver a process and IT solution that would enable the transition of territories to new bottler ownership in all of North America by Q4 of 2016.* On September 17, CONA delivered on this commitment with go-live of Release 4.

“R4” is critical to CONA Services and its bottlers for this very reason: it delivered the last big batch of functionality deemed critical for the successful execution of transitions.  Important delivered components of this release include Manufacturing, Demand Operations and Inventory Planning (DOIP), an improved Mobile Customer Management solution, functionality for same day placements and initial fill of full FSV machines, the harmonization of existing Customer Asset Management (CAM) solution as well improved Master data governance (MDG) & Data integrity.

Many sites have already gone live with the previous releases delivered by the CONA Team. However, over 60% of transitions go-lives on to CONA are scheduled for the remainder of this year and throughout 2017. The R4 milestone was one of the last puzzle pieces to fall into place before the team now dedicates itself to successfully mastering the demanding deployment schedule as its next challenging task ahead.

*smaller bottlers will transition on the North Star solution.


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