We’re making IT happen – Successful April 30 CONA Go live weekend!!

Thanks to everyone who helped prepare, execute and support the deployments for Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution (GLCDD) and Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (CCBCC) over the weekend of April 30th.  GLCCD and CCBCC were very pleased with the success of transition and thankful for the on and off-site support received.

11 sites went live on CONA for GLCCD in Wisconsin. On Monday, 122 routes were successfully picked delivered and settled. Great job to the bottler and CONA team!
For CCBCC 3 sites transitioned to the CONA solution in Maryland. There the go-live weekend started with 91 sales routes that ran successfully, delivering 50,000 cases with no issues. CCBCC leaders were delighted with the smoothest go-live so far and all the continued improvements made.

We congratulate all bottler and CONA team members involved to this successful go-live weekend.

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