Successful July Go-live weekend!

July-Go-LivewTitle2This past weekend the CONA Services Team and their bottling partners from Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution (GLCCD), Swire and Coca-Cola Bottling Co. UNITED have added another 22 sites to the CONA deployment landscape.

FirstPalletwtitle2This was an important milestone for the CONA Services team for several reasons. It was the first transition go-live for Swire (locations not only transitioned ownership from Coca-Cola Refreshments to Swire, but also went live on the CONA solution at the same time). RFI (a newly added CONA warehouse solution) went live in 2 of the bottlers (GLCCD and Swire) as well as a brand new SFA (sales force automation) solution for UNITED (further deployments planned for later this year).


See a current map of all locations live on CONA: CONA Deployment Map

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