2019 CONA Innovation Partner of the Year Award – Quantiphi

CONA Services would like to recognize Quantiphi as its #1 Innovation Partner of 2019.

The team at Quantiphi has played a key role in CONA’s ability to deliver business value to our bottlers through innovative information technology, such as Machine Learning algorithms and Data Analytics.  With Quantiphi, we have been able to expand the way we leverage the power of CONA Solution and Data.

With the right mix of talents and motivation CONA Services collaborates with Quanitphi, to solve complex Business problems and established in 2019 several new solutions such as OrderSmart and VendPrime, tools that help generate revenue growth, drive operational efficiencies and create cost savings.

Quantiphi’s resources are fully invested in CONA and Coca-Cola Bottlers success in North America. They put the CONA mindset ahead of their own, and help establishing CONA’s innovation culture and creativity also by participating in our Hackathon’s.

Thank you Quantiphi for being part of CONA’s journey of success and for your outstanding services. We are pleased to present you with the 2019 CONA Innovation Partner of the Year Award.

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