CONA Services Board Elects Brett Findley as Company’s New Chief Executive Officer

ATLANTA – April 4, 2022 – The Board of Directors of CONA Services LLC has elected Brett Findley as its next Chief Executive Officer, effective April 1st, 2022

Findley, who previously served as Chief Services Officer (CSO) of the company, will succeed Reinhard Meister, who retired at the end of March.  Findley is only the second CEO to lead the company after its creation in 2016.

Meister, who dedicated over 20 years in the Coca-Cola bottling system, built CONA Services to elevate the U.S. bottling business. Through his leadership and collaboration, Reinhard consistently achieved his goal of providing advantaged services to bottler members. He was a driving force in the development of the Coke One template.

“The vision of a common IT services company for the Coca-Cola franchise system in North America became true and has been successfully established. Today we are running a stable, modern, fully integrated end-to-end IT environment for almost 95% of the Coca-Cola business in USA and Canada, at the right cost, with a strong innovation and data driven approach to provide “real magic” to our customers and consumers.” – Reinhard Meister

Findley was named Chief Services Officer in 2016 and played an integral role in building the company.  He has spent the last 6 years ensuring CONA Services provides value driven solutions and best in class support to bottlers on the CONA IT platform. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its strategic partnerships within the bottling community and other organizations around North America.

“Being part of the leadership team of a newly credited company has been a wonderful experience and I am greatly honored to now be asked the lead us through our next chapter.  We have an amazing team of people with great purpose, passion and talent that will ensure a bright future for CONA Services.  I need to thank Reinhard for his leadership, focus and tenacity to bring us though our first 6 years and congratulate him on the legacy he has built.” – Brett Findley

Prior to helping develop CONA Services, Findley served at the Coca-Cola Company in many distinct positions. He worked as the Enabling Services Director and then as Group Director of Engagement, Deployment and Application Support. Findley began his career with the Coca-Cola System in January 2000 as a Business Systems Analyst.  Overall, Findley has spent over 25 years gaining experience within IT leadership and consulting. With 21 years of supporting Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States and overseas, Findley’s dedication to the system has been more than substantial.

When asked about the transition in leadership Reinhard Meister commented: “I’m very happy to hand over my responsibility to Brett Findley today, who is an accomplished leader, to bring CONA Services to the next level”.

Findley is originally from Sydney, Australia. He grew up there and attended the University of Sydney where he studied to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He began his career as a consultant with Andersen Consulting in 1995.

About CONA Services LLC

CONA Services LLC is an IT services company for the North American Coca-Cola bottling business.  CONA Services provides participating bottlers a common set of processes, data standards, manufacturing, and customer solutions. The CONA system processes $24 billion of revenue a year, more than 160,000 sales orders and in average 30,000 users per day. CONA Services is a Strategic Partner of the North America Coca-Cola Bottler System.  For more information, visit

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