CONA Services Celebrates myCoke and Welcomes CONA Digital Office

CONA (Coke One North America) Services LLC is an IT platform for the largest Coca-Cola Bottlers in North America. The company provides a common set of processes, data standards, manufacturing, and customer solutions with the goal to deliver services that enable superior customer experience and digital business innovation.

In early 2022, under the sponsorship of Swire Coca-Cola’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob Gehring, CONA aligned on a digital roadmap for streamlining myCoke, the go-to online resource for ordering and support across the Coca-Cola products list. Their Digital Strategy has a clear vision to create a seamless world class customer engagement platform that complements the brand and full product portfolio, while delivering value to customers without barriers between their physical and digital experience. The desired result is to create a win-win-win relationship between the customer, the Bottling system, and the Coca-Cola Company.

Gehring states: “At Swire Coca-Cola, our mission is to win together by serving as constant and true advocates for our people, our customers, our partners, our community, and our planet. We are proud to spearhead enhancements to the digital experience myCoke provides to our customers. These enhancements will help deliver a three-way win between the customers, the Bottling system, and the Coca-Cola Company, ensuring we can continue to fuel growth and win together.”

To accomplish this task, CONA has established a new CONA Digital Office (CDO) comprised of Marketing and Operations, Product and Engineering, Strategy and Planning, and Insights and Analytics teams. With 25 seasoned new team members in place, CONA is well positioned to deliver and maintain an innovative myCoke experience for all Bottler partners.

CONA’s Chief Digital Officer, Samantha Mitchell, states: “It’s an exciting time to be part of the Coca-Cola Bottling System. Throughout 2023, CONA will be delivering significant enhancements to a new myCoke solution that will allow our Bottlers to continue providing world-class customer service while advancing our digital capabilities. Our team is building an end-to-end customer engagement platform focusing in the areas of digital marketing and campaigns, ordering, customer self-service, and payments.”

A few enhancements are:

  • Single point of access for all ordering, payment, and service capabilities, making it easier for both customers and Bottlers to manage.
  • Seamless experience across physical and digital selling relationships will streamline existing processes, creating a more effective customer experience.
  • A more personalized and targeted experience for customers and Bottler ownership.
  • Additional market and consumer trend data and business review and advice tools will better equip customers with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for their business.
  • Enhanced customer support features will be added including updated FAQs, mobile chat support, and chat bot to help resolve customer issues quickly.
  • Consistent platform and brand messages across all ownerships increasing credibility and efficiency.

Partnering with the myCoke360 program, CONA’s team has committed to delivering the upgraded myCoke platform in two releases. The first replaces the current payment portal, allowing customers to use myCoke to manage accounts, invoices, and payments. The second release will replace the current myCoke. On the refreshed platform, customers will be able to interact and transact just as they do today through an improved user interface, navigation, and enhanced capabilities.

In June, Swire Coca-Cola was the first Bottler to launch myCoke Payments to over 5,000 of their customers who are now able to manage all accounts, invoices, and payments in one place.

All 11 CONA-supported Bottlers are officially live on myCoke Payments, with the latest and last Bottler, Coca-Cola Canada, rounding out the pack this month. Over 20k customers are live and active on myCoke Payments, laying the foundation for future enhancements.

The cross-functional project team is well under way in their release 2 efforts, with notable forward progress in all aspects of the program. By the end of the year, the first group of Bottlers are expected to go live with release 2 on the refreshed myCoke, introducing the platform to additional customers.

Throughout this exciting journey, one thing has remained at the heart of CONA’s “why” – and that is the customers. By early next year, current and future myCoke customers will reap the benefit of the team’s steadfast efforts to deliver an improved and consistent myCoke experience.

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