Years of Hard Work led to CONA Services LLC Receiving Innovation Excellence Award

The history of CONA Services LLC is a lengthy one, dating back to 2006 with the launch of Coke One. Starting out as a global program focusing on The Coca-Cola Company’s bottler process and data standards, a group of international Franchise Bottlers participated in Coke One with the goal of a collaborative approach to further advance the business. Through the years, Coke One became a successful business case and in 2013 a new task of tailoring the global template to the North American market was launched. With the launch of Coke One North America, the team set out to become an integral part of the business model that transformed the North American franchise bottling business. This model was one that created an evolved, more contemporary and customer focused landscape on an improved integrated IT platform. With this, in 2016, the six largest Coca-Cola Bottlers announced the formation of an information technology services company, CONA Services LLC.  

Today, CONA Services LLC is owned and governed by twelve participating North American Bottlers. Our company works as an invaluable strategic partner known for providing our Bottlers with a common set of processes, data standards, and customer solutions. One of our top priorities has been, and will always be, to become more innovative with openness to new solutions and awareness of technological trends. With some of the most brilliant minds in the Coca-Cola IT system, our teams strive to provide an agile mindset with an increased focus on stability.  

Providing cutting-edge technology to our partners has been our goal from the very beginning, which is why we are thrilled to announce that we received the Innovation Excellence Award from Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited. This award showcases that we are a partner that has demonstrated brilliant execution with Coke Canada’s innovations and product offerings. We work closely with Coke Canada on special projects, providing breakthrough performance and speed to market despite demanding timelines and changing requirements. Overall, we are a partner that positively impacts Coke Canada’s ability to achieve sales growth and market share gain. Our history has led to us proving that CONA Services LLC continues to be a valued innovation partner for our Bottlers. We are honored that Coke Canada recognizes our dedication, collaboration, and all the hard work that our team puts in every day. 

“Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited is a great partner to work with. There is no better reward for us to be recognized as a trusted Innovation partner for our Bottlers.” – Saurabh Parikh, Chief Product Officer – Customer and Innovation, CONA Services LLC.

Saurabh also acknowledged Sanjay Bhagat, Senior Director of Innovation, the Innovation Council members, and all our partners in the ecosystem that support CONA’s innovation efforts.  

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