A Day in the Life of Michael Hackey

At CONA Services, we value finding purpose and meaning in our work. One of the best ways to do that is by getting out in the field, visiting our North American Bottlers, and seeing how our work is helping the Coca-Cola System. Recently, one of CONA Services’ Engagement Directors, Jarrad Thompson, had the pleasure of doing just that by participating in an Equipment Service Tech Route Ride and observing a day in the life of Michael Hackey.

Michael Hackey is currently with Coca-Cola Bottling Company United North Metro Division. Some background on Michael is that he started working for Coca-Cola Refreshments as a direct service dispatcher in September 1998, only a month after he graduated high school. He originally started as a temp and was hired permanently with Coca-Cola Refreshments a year later where he worked out of the Customer Communications office in Dunwoody, GA. As a direct service dispatcher, Michael was familiar with Coke service and how it worked. This experience helped him land a local Orlando Bottler service tech job. He worked out of Orlando for a few years before transferring to a Detroit Bottler in 2004, to be closer to family. However, in 2006, Michael relocated back to Atlanta. Over the next few years, Michael worked in the phone fix department for Coca-Cola North America. There, he helped with trouble-shooting Fountain, McDonald’s and freestyle equipment with customers and techs all over North America. This experience helped Michael become a lead tech in 2013. Michael left Coke in 2016 for a short period of time and was employed by Hobart, installing and repairing commerce kitchen equipment. But, he couldn’t stay away for long and in 2017, he returned as a lead tech for Coca-Cola United. When asked what he enjoys most about his work, Michael stated:

“I enjoy working with my group and interacting with my customer’s. I enjoy problem solving and finding solutions that each day brings with this job. I’m most passionate about assisting, training, and developing my team to help them all become better technicians. I would like to see myself in a training role one day or, lead a training program for Coca-Cola United to help develop our technicians and make the Coca-Cola United service department the best in the country. I want to see the United service department and quality of technicians be the standard of the industry that all other Coke Bottlers model themselves after.” 

Experiences like this one, and the feedback Michael shared is vital to ensure that CONA Services is delivering high-quality, differentiating capabilities in the field. This helps increase our productivity, allow us to make smarter and faster business decisions, provide a greater end-user experience, deliver excellent customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

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